useful words and phrases (单词和短语) a. words (单词)

1 acknowledge vt. 答谢

2 appointment n. 指定,委派3 appreciate vt. 感谢4 assistance n. 协助5 association n. 联系6 colleague n. 同事7 confidence n. 信心8 congratulation n. 祝贺9 demanding adj. 苛刻的;具有挑战性的 10 ease v. 减轻(痛苦、负担等) 11 encourage v. 鼓励12 enhance v. 加强

13 generously adv. 宽大地14 grateful adj. 感激的15 highlight n. 最精彩的部分 16 hospitality n. 热情好客17 indebted adj. 蒙恩的18 indicate vt. 表明;指出19 inspire vt. 激发;使产生灵感 20 maintain v. 保持

21 oblige vt. 感激;帮??的忙22 opportunity n. 机会23 persistent adj. 坚持的24 personally adv. 亲自25 pleasure n. 快乐; 乐意26 promotion n. 升职

27 thoughtfulness n. 体贴;考虑周到 28 transition n. 过渡时期29 value n. 价值 b. phrases (常用短语)

1. all the more 更加

2. best wishes 最好的祝愿

3. i had long looked forward to 本人热切盼望??

4. at your convenience 在你方便的时候you are so kind to ?

it is so kind of you to ?you have been truly helpful.you have helped enormously.you have really done me a great favor. you don’t know how much it means to me.many thanks.

thanks a lot.

thank you very much.

i am really grateful for your help. i can’t be more grateful for everything you have done for me. useful sentences and paragraphs (常用语句和段落) a. sentences (语句)

1. i’m indebted to all the staff who have been working so hard.我十分感激一直如此努力的全体员工。

2. we acknowledge the continued support from the embassy. 我们感谢大使馆长期以来的支持。

3. i am grateful to you for helping me. 感谢你的帮忙。

4. i am greatly indebted to you for the trouble you have gone. 你为我办事不辞辛劳,我感谢不尽。

5. it is generous of you to take so much interest in my work承蒙你对我的工作如此操心。

6. i realize that the task took a lot of your precious time. 我知道你为这事花了大量宝贵的时间。

7. believe me, i am truly grateful for your good understanding. 对你们的理解,我真诚地表示感谢。

8. thank you for your generous spirit of cooperation. 感谢你的慷慨合作精神。

9. i enjoyed the short stay at your home which is both delightful and memorable.在你家的短暂停留是愉快而令人难忘的。

10. this is to thank you again for you wonderful hospitality.再一次感谢你的盛情款待。 b. paragraphs (段落)

1. i have just returned to china from my american trip and it is only now that

i have the opportunity of sending you a message of deep thanks for the cordial

reception and hospitality extended to me and all my friends during our one-week stay

in new york.



2. at any rate, i want to thank you for your help. the job looks very challenging,

but because of the thorough training, i received at usc, together with your own

informal coaching, i’m confident i can handle it.无论如何,我都要好好地感谢您的帮忙。这份工作看来相当有挑战性。不过由于usc的


3. your assistance on my recent trip was much appreciated. without your advice

and guidance icouldn’t possibly have achieved as much as i was able to in so short a period

of time.


此短的时间内获得如此大的收获。篇二:新年礼物的感谢信怎么写 你造吗? writing thank you letters and emails

书写感谢信和感谢邮件its polite to write a thank you letter each time you receive a present. you can

also write emails to thank people, but its still considered more personal to write

a short letter by hand.每次收到礼物后写一封感谢信发送出去是很礼貌的。你也可以写邮件来感谢对方,但是

亲手写一封简短的感谢信会更礼貌。layout and format


thank you letters can be quite short, and fill one or two sides of a5 paper (one

side of a5 paper is half the size of a sheet of a4 or office paper). you can write

your address in the top left hand corner of the paper, but you dont need to write

the recipients address. you can also write the date under your address.感谢信可以很短,一面或者两面a5纸就行(一面a5纸是一般a4办公用纸的一半)。你



you normally start the letter dear? followed by the name of the person you are

writing to.

通常信件的开头“亲爱的?”放在你要写信的对方的称呼前面。 在第一段(可以很短),你应该感谢送礼物的人,再说一些赞美的话:thank you for the book tokens. im looking forward to choosing a book with them.

“非常感谢这些书券,我正好在找这些东西。”thank you for the wall calendar. it will be very useful to me this year! “非常感谢您送的挂历。今年对我很有用!” thank you very much for the beautiful soaps. im looking forward to relaxing in

a hot bath!

“非常感谢这些好看的肥皂。期待洗澡享受它!”thank you very much for the lovely photo frame. it will look very nice on my chest

of drawers.

“非常感谢这个可爱的相框。放抽屉柜上一定很美。” thank you very much for the elegant scarf you sent me. its exactly what i need

for special occasions.

“非常感谢您送给我的这条优美的围巾。这正好在特殊场合使用上。”in the second paragraph, you can give general news about how you spent the holiday

period (or how you spent your birthday if you have received a birthday present). you

could also show interest in the other persons holiday. 在第二段,你可以写写自己是如何度过假期的,(或者如果你收到生日礼物了,你是怎么

过生日的)。你也可以表现出对他人如何度假感兴趣。we had a very quiet and relaxing christmas at home. the kids ate too many

chocolates as usual, so now were all on a diet! i hope your christmas was as good,

and that you were able to relax for a few days.“我们在家庆祝圣诞节,安静又美好。孩子们像平时一样吃了很多巧克力,所以现在我

们都在节食!希望你们的圣诞节也一样愉快,你能好好的放松几天。” in the third paragraph you can talk about more general family or personal news.


in the final paragraph, you should thank the person again for their gift, and

give your wishes for the new year if applicable. (see below for useful phrases for

ending the letter.)



useful phrases


you should start your letter with dear and follow it by the persons first name:

信件开头你应该用“亲爱的”,然后在后面加上收信人的名:dear tom or dear uncle bill“亲爱的汤姆”或“亲爱的比尔叔叔”you can end your letter with any of these phrases: 在信件的结尾可以用下面的这些词组:with love (from), with much love (from), lots of love (from) or love (from)

followed by your name on the next line. the from in these phrases is optional. 在

名字的下面一行写上“来自于爱你的?”,断句里的“来自”都是可选的。 you normally end

the letter with repeated thanks and wishes for the new year: 通常在信件的结尾,要再次感谢和祝福新年快乐。 thank you again for my present.“再次感谢您的礼物。”

thank you again for such a thoughtful gift.“再次感谢您悉心准备的礼物。” wishing you a happy new year. “祝您新年快乐。”

with all my best wishes for a happy new year. “衷心祝愿新年快乐。”

wishing you all the best in 2017. “祝您2017年一切都顺。”an example thank you letter感谢信样板

7, london rd




31 december, 20XX


dear uncle bill


thank you very much for the french cookery book you gave me. the recipes look

wonderful, and ill certainly enjoy using it.非常感谢您送给我的法式烹饪书。这本烹饪书太棒了,我非常喜欢用它。i hope you and auntie susan had a good christmas. we stayed at home, but had a

couple of day trips out nearby. our local theatre put on a production of a christmas

carol, which was fun.




的想法,关于我想做什么。希望在课程期间,我的想法能越来越清晰。 thank you again for

the lovely present, and happy new year! 再次感谢您送的礼物,新年快乐! with much love



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